Benzene C6H6

1.General characteristics

A compound very slightly soluble in water and volatile. 
90% of the benzene in the ambient air comes from road traffic. 
The remaining 10% comes from the evaporation of the fuel storage and distribution.

Health effects 
Carcinogenic, a Class A1 toxicity, known as carcinogenic to humans. Harmful effects on the central nervous system.

2. Methods of measurement

Reference method for measurement of benzene is that stipulated in SR EN 14662 Ambient air quality. Standardized method for measuring the concentration of benzene Parts 1, 2 and 3.

3. Norms

Law no. 104 of June 15, 2011 
Benzene - C6H6
threshold 5 ug / m3 - the annual limit value for human health protection.
National Network for Air Quality Monitoring